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Why you should get a business video ? 

Studies shown that customers are over 65% more likely to purchase a product after seeing a video advertisement. By simply having a video about your products or services on the front page of your website, can boost your brand’s sales by over 80%. Trust from consumers is the key to building, growing, and maintaining a brand.  

Videos help to create more conversational promotions about products and services. Even lazy customers will make the effort to press the play button and watch a video. And even google loves videos, the more video content you have on your website, the more likely your consumers will spend more time on your website. Sir It’s no secret that video marketing is becoming the most effective use of marketing to earn millions.

And not only on your website but you can play on your office’s Tv screen displays, share it with your family and friends on whatsapp, facebook etc. You can even run that video on cinemas hall & multiplex around you or play it on a sponsored event. Sir in today’s digital world it is very important to own a business video. But simply uploading a video wont necessarily get you more sales for your business. it is the type of video, style and message that affect this. And also, any video needs great quality sound, as people do not tolerate poor sound quality. In Brotherhood our topmost priority is the Hollywood standard quality video & sound filmmaking which will definitely get your clients & customers Go WOW!… AMAZING.  

We are also running an ongoing free brotherhood lifetime membership which have many benefits worth a million for ever.

  • Free professional logo designing.

  • Free professional photoshoot

  • Free Brotherhood free gifts

  • Free Social Media Setup youtube, facebook, instagram, twitter etc.

  • Celebrity visit to your office for promotion or purchase.

  • Special discounted youtube & advertisement video packages.

  • And many more that we will be introducing soon.

We are an organisation where you get to work with bunch of fun people. Our focus is on building a Brotherhood Family, so that when the dark days will come, we all shall stay together as a family to promote your business and maximise your sales.

How about we arrange a professional business video director visit to your office ?  and he will explain you everything in much more detail. He will give you a broader view about how a business video can help you to maximize your sales. 

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