Brotherhood Universe

What is Brotherhood Universe? (BHU) –

We live in a country which is full of talented artist, dancer, singers, actors & storytellers. But too often, our stories go untold due to a lack of exposure and opportunity. 

BHU Is a way for BROTHERHOOD TEAM to connect directly with the people who will support the channel to grow, and cultivate a central meeting-place for the BROTHERHOOD UNIVERSE community. BHU members are given access to members only exclusives including access to participate in events, feature films, add films, photoshoot, free merchandise, exclusive BROTHERHOOD future updates, BTS videos , and much more.

Brotherhood Universe | Artist Meet #1

Brotherhood Universe Produced Events Under The Label Brotherhood Productions & Studios To Promote Young Talents To Meet and Greet With Fellow Artists From Different Genres Such As Dance, Music, Acting, Designing, Filmmaking, Poetry, Etc. With The Tagline “You Seek Dreams, We Seek Dreamers” Brotherhood Universe Organised Artist Meet #1 On May 7th 2017.
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Brotherhood Universe Members Forum

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